MamaCAS includes a form class implementing standard username and password authentication. In most cases, this will be the form of authentication required. Trust authentication can be used with CAS, but the requirements will be highly implementation dependent.

Authentication Forms

class mama_cas.forms.LoginForm

This is the base form for handling standard username and password authentication credentials. It contains the following fields:

The username of the client requesting authentication. This field is required.
The password of the client requesting authentication. This field is required.
A checkbox for configuring transparency of the single sign-on process. If checked, the user will be notified before being authenticated to subsequent services. This field will only be displayed if MAMA_CAS_ALLOW_AUTH_WARN is enabled.

The form’s clean() method attempts authentication against the configured authentication backends and verifies the user account is active. If authentication fails, a FormValidation exception is raised with an appropriate error message.

Additional Forms

The following form classes inherit from LoginForm, providing additional or alternate behavior during the login process.

class mama_cas.forms.LoginFormEmail

A subclass of LoginForm which performs additional cleanup on the username field. If an email address is provided for the username, only the username portion of the string is used for authentication.