MamaCAS contains templates implementing standard username and password authentication. Depending on your needs, you can use them as-is, override portions of them or replace them entirely.


This template displays the authentication form whenever LoginView requires user credentials, as well as authentication success or failure information. When the user logs out, they are redirected to this template with a logout success message if MAMA_CAS_FOLLOW_LOGOUT_URL is False or no URL is provided.


This template is used by LoginView when MAMA_CAS_ALLOW_AUTH_WARN is enabled and the user has elected to be notified when authentication occurs. It provides options for the user to continue the authentication process or cancel and log out.


To override or extend blocks in the stock templates, first make sure the custom templates come first in the search order. If the custom templates exist in a directory specified by TEMPLATE_DIRS, then TEMPLATE_LOADERS should look something like this:


The base level stock templates are wrappers to simplify extending the stock templates without circular template inheritance issues. The base template mama_cas/login.html has a corresponding mama_cas/__login.html and mama_cas/warn.html has a corresponding mama_cas/__warn.html.

For example, to add a header above the login form with some additional styling create a file named mama_cas/login.html in one of the TEMPLATE_DIRS that extends mama_cas/__login.html:

{% extends "mama_cas/__login.html" %}

{% block styles %}
    {{ block.super }}
    <style>#header { font-size:3em; text-align:center; color:#aaa; }</style>
{% endblock styles %}

{% block header %}
    <h1>If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears</h1>
{% endblock header %}

The stock templates have a variety of blocks defined to make many modifications straightforward.


If the required changes are substantial, then replace the stock templates entirely. Following the example above, remove the top line that extends the stock template and include the remainder of the page contents. In addition to the login form, some elements custom templates should include are:

The messages framework displays information to the user for a login, logout or authentication notification event.
Non-field errors
The login form’s non_field_errors inform the user of authentication failures and other login problems.